How Your Online Reviews and Patient Experience Impact Your Patient Retention

Loyalty is no longer at the forefront of what patients consider to be the driving force when selecting a healthcare provider. New data conveys that patients are relying more heavily on online provider reviews to select their provider. Once a provider is selected, the journey throughout the patient experience determines whether the patient will stay with their selection or look elsewhere. There is a direct correlation between online reviews and reputation to patient loyalty. A provider’s online presence is essential when attempting to attract new patients. Keeping the information updated on all social media facets is vital as the majority of consumers will visit at least 3-4 different sites when vetting a new provider.

Generally, patients give their healthcare provider up to a couple of chances before seeking treatment elsewhere. Responding to both negative and positive reviews online will boost the confidence of potential patients as they perceive the practices’ patient engagement solutions to be beneficial. Implementing a digital form of patient engagement that creates a more personalized patient experience could absolutely be beneficial as the technology could take away the burdens of being understaffed or staff burnout. With this technological assistance taking off the burden of the staff, staff members have the ability to concentrate on the one-on-one interactions with the patient, which in turn most likely leads to a better patient experience. Better patient experience equals more patients recommending providers by the leading attribute of referrals-word of mouth.