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About Us
Mission Statement

To modernize the patient experience for medical organizations, while benefiting patients throughout the entirety of their healthcare journey.

Clinect Healthcare’s Core Values
Ease of use
Easier is Better
The Clinect Healthcare platform is designed with your patients in mind. It is easy to access and simple to use, ensuring rapid and ongoing adoption.
Empowerment through innovation
Our multi-faceted solution delivers actionable intelligence to your organization, enabling you to make critical, timely decisions.
Commitment to excellence
This is who we are, what we do, and we are committed to exceeding YOUR expectations!
Ethics and integrity
Honesty and transparency are of ultimate importance to us, and you can see it in everything we do.
Diagnosing the Patient Experience
Clinect Healthcare

Customer Success by the Numbers

Streamline the Intake Process

of patient’s complete their pre-registration/registration forms prior to their visit when given the opportunity.

Create a Better Patient Experience

per patient can be saved with streamlining the intake process.

Stay on Top of CAHPS

per patient can be saved with streamlining the intake process.

Smarter Not Harder

increase your practices’ efficiency by 70%!

ne Platform, Mobile First

Clinect Intake
  • Save time, increase office efficiency.
  • Customize practice forms.
  • Based on appointment type, provider, location, etc
Clinect PROs/ Ad Hoc
  • Drive practice outcomes.
  • Order specific PRO’s in real time via the Ad Hoc tool.
Clinect Measure
  • Get patient feedback in real time.
  • Use our template library OR create your own survey.
  • Effortlessly grow your online presence through our online reputation management platform.
Clinect Task Management
  • Receive alerts in real time--mitigating negative responses when specific thresholds, set by your practice, are reached.
  • Document all activity safely and securely within our HIPAA secured platform.