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Client's digital platform supports your practices check-in strategy, engaging patient at every step in their healthcare journey. Increase office efficiency, save time, drive outcomes and promote a better online reputation. let us show you how our technology is helping thousands of practices nationwide!

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A smarter way of delivering & capturing patient data

Clinect delivers customized pre-visit, visit and post-visit strategies; engaging patients at every step in their healthcare journey. Increase revenue, save time, collect patient outcomes data and promote a healthy online reputation. Specificity matters and every patient is unique – and so are the needs of every specialty, department and provider. Whether you're a health system, multi-specialty practice or a single specialty practice, Clinect allows you to configure every patient experience by collecting the appropriate information at the right time.

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Main Features

Pre-visit Registration & Intake

Mobile and in-office registration with specialty and appoinment specific workflows.Demographics and clinical data is capptured and updated automatically in the patients chart and alerts triggered based off patients input.Textsand emails are sent automatically prior to the patient visit and/or collected when they arrive for their visit...

Digital Check-In

Any forms not completed or partially completed prior to the visit are easily handled at check-in.Send patients a secure link to their cell phone or use an in-house tablet while in the office. Demographic information,custom consent forms, PRO's forms and patient medical hitories will be presented to your patients to completion are dependent on various factors such as the patient provider, appointment type, procedure, Dignosis etc

Payment Collection

Current balances and copys are displayed at check-in to make payment collection easy.

Auto Update EHR's


Documentation of patient entered registration and intake such as medical histories, ROS, HPI, provider and/or specific PRO's/Screeners are captured and pushed into specific fileds of the EHR.Alert are created based on patient input thresholds.

Patient Reported Outcomes(Pros)

Clinect will follow the patients journey of care by managing and automatically touching the patient longitudinally post visit or procedure with the appropriate PRO or screener.

PROs Ad Hoc From Ordering

Clinect ordering provides the ability to schedule or immediately send any patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) & Custom Questionnaires to your patients. In an era where we can order labs, diagnostics and other tests, why not allow provides and staff to "order" a PRO measures in real-time to the patients phone,email or in-house tablet? With Clinect, you can.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys


Get real-time patient feedback about your patients visit. Custom patient satisfaction surveys by appointment type, provider, procedure, specialty, etc. are sent via text and/or email in the preferred language to the patients immediately following their visit. Alerts are created and sent to staff in real-time to get ahead of an issue before it becomes a problem.

Incident/Complaint Management


Let’s digitize, add logic and secure your documentation of complaint/grievances, HIPAA complaints, accidents/incidents, employee injuries, patient injuries, peer review or even digitize your current paper forms. Clinect Incident Management allows hospitals and medical practices to offer a system wide, consistent approach to the creation, tracking and documenting of everyday issues in an easy, electronic, reportable and HIPAA secured way.

Customer Success by the Numbers

of patient’s complete their surveys prior to the visit, streamlining the intake process once the patient arrives

minutes saved per patient upon Intake free up staff for higher value tasks and creating a better patient experience

of patient rate their experience using Clinect as good or excellent – positively affect your CAHPS scores when the patient walks in the door

Increase in clinic efficiency