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Clinect is a patient experience and clinical outcomes platform, enabling you to collect, interpret, and act on critical patient feedback in real-time.  The Clinect platform provides service-related and condition-related questions to your patients immediately following their visit allowing for quick service recovery if needed.

We know there is a correlation between a better patient experience and better clinical outcomes.  Our “journey-based” questions help you identify the best clinical and service-related practices that will ultimately mean the most to your patients AND your payers, – which, in today’s migration to “value-based” reimbursement, can be the difference between a healthy bottom line and a not-so-healthy one.  As a survey-based analytics company, our easy-to-use AND easy-to-understand reporting tools and dashboards allow you to enjoy a unique and previously unattainable view of the total cycle of care:  clinical services -> patient experiences -> clinical outcomes.


We love our customers!

We love our customers

"Clinect helped us achieve PCMH level 3, as well as identify best practices to achieve an increase in patient retention”

- Dr. Mittal
Jacksonville Children’s and Multispecialty Care

“Monitoring and measuring the patient journey over the time of treatment/recovery has allowed us to identify best clinical techniques resulting in a better and faster patient outcome… "

-Mr. Hancock
Pivot Physical Therapy

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