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Clinect’s multi-faceted platform is a one-stop-shop where practices’ can customize their strategies, benefiting patients throughout the entirety of their healthcare journey. Clinect's digital platform supports your practices’ check-in strategy, engages the patient at every step of their healthcare journey, increases office efficiency, saves time, drives outcomes, and has the ability to effortlessly promote and grow your online reputation. Let us show you how our technology is helping thousands of practices nationwide!

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A Smarter way to modernize the patient experience

Specificity matters and every patient is unique, but so are the needs of every practice, specialty, department, and provider. Whether you are a health system, a multi-specialty practice or a single specialty practice, Clinect allows you to create a patient experience by collecting the appropriate information at the right time. Let us help you reach your goals!

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Main Features

Pre-Visit Registration & Intake

Clinect’s pre-registration and intake solution offers workflows for specific specialties and appointment types. Delivery options for pre-visit registration and intake include email and text. In-office registration options will also be available upon check-in for those patients who may not have time to take advantage of pre-registration and intake. Information such as demographics, clinical data and PROs baseline measures are captured and updated automatically within the patient’s chart. Alerts and messages will be triggered contingent upon the patient’s input.

Digital Check-In

Upon arrival, any form(s) not completed or partially completed prior to the appointment/visit can easily be handled at check-in. Options for in-office registration include sending patients a secure link via text to their cell phone or having patients use an in-house tablet to complete their intake forms. The information allocated to each patient will be contingent upon various factors such as the provider, procedure, and/or appointment type. These forms may include, but are not limited to, demographic information forms, custom consent forms, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) forms/surveys and medical history forms.

Payment Collection

Keep patient copays and current or past due balances top of mind as they are displayed at check-in to make payment collection easy for your patient service representatives.

Bi-directional EHR Integrations


Clinect has a bi-directional integration for clinical outcomes utilizing PRO’s and clinical questionnaires. When patients fill out the appropriated forms in pre-registration and intake, the information gets “pushed back” into the specific fields within the EHR. Alerts and messages will be triggered contingent upon the patient’s input.

Patient Reported Outcomes (Pros)

Clinect’s platform engages the patient at every step of their healthcare journey. Collecting data and information prior to the appointment with pre-screeners and appropriated PRO forms to automatically reach the patient longitudinally post visit or post procedure.

PROs Ad Hoc From Ordering

In a digital era where we can order labs, diagnostics, and other tests, why not allow providers and staff the ability to "order" PRO measures in real-time? With Clinect’s platform, now you can! Delivery options include text, email, or in-house tablet utilization.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

with Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Patient satisfaction surveys are a perfect approach to get real patient feedback in real time. With Clinect, you are able to customize the patient satisfaction surveys by specific appointment type, provider, procedure, or specialty. Patient satisfaction surveys are sent via text and/or email in the patients’ preferred language, immediately following their visit. Custom alerts can be created and sent to staff members in real-time to mitigate issues before they are escalated or published on your social media platform(s).

Incident/Complaints Management


Clinect’s Incident Management Tool allows hospitals and medical practices to offer a system-wide, consistent approach to the creation, tracking and documentation of everyday issues in a user-friendly, electronic, reportable, and HIPAA secured way. So, what exactly does that mean? Let Clinect digitize your practice by adding some logic, and securing your documentation of complaints/grievances, HIPAA violations, accidents/incidents, employee injuries, patient injuries, or peer reviews. We can even digitize your current registration paper forms to reduce paper usage, which is a win for the Earth.

Customer Success by the Numbers

of patient’s complete their registration online prior to the visit, streamlining the intake process once the patient arrives

minutes saved per patient upon intake to free up staff for higher value tasks and creating a better patient experience

of patient's rate their experience using Clinect as good or excellent – positively affect your CAHPS scores when the patient walks in the door

Increase in clinic efficiency