The Industry's First Patient Experience Platform

Clinect Patient Survey is a cloud-based, interactive patient experience platform that lets you easily define then simply deploy patient satisfaction and patient outcomes surveys across your patient base. Whatever your goals - meeting PCMH requirements, fulfilling Accountable Care guidelines, attracting new patients, measuring the journey of the patients recover, or simply gaining insight into your organizations operations - Clinect Patient Survey is the only healthcare-specific, real-time survey tool that you can deploy in weeks and immediatly impact your business both clinically and finanically.

How It Works

Clinect receives your patient data at checkout from your PM/EHR system automatically. Then, via mobile friendly email or text, allows you to reach your patient before they even get to their car.  In the world of service recovery, speed is everything.  With Clinect, you have patient response data instantly, notifying your staff immediately via alerts if something is wrong (or right!).  Our clinical outcomes module allows you to measure your patients’ recovery journey to identify best clinical practices, including regulatory standards like KOOS, WOMAC, and Total Joint Replacement.

Our web-based solution provides you access to data 24/7 in the form of interactive reports and dashboards.  Our automated reporting tool emails reports to the appropriate staff members on a schedule that matters most to YOU.  Our comprehensive analytics provide:

  • Patient comment reports including analyzed text for most frequently used words
  • Clinical Outcomes Reporting
  • Provider Clinical Comparisons
  • Nationwide Benchmarking
  • Location Based Reporting
  • Staff Productively Reporting
  • Provider Ranking Scoring
  • Executive Summary Trending Reports
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