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The Patient Experience - Told by William Hurt

Posted by Brian Schmitz on Oct 30, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Jack McKee: "There's a danger with feeling too strongly about your patients, a danger with becoming too involved." - played by William Hurt in The Doctor (1991)

In the film The Doctor, William Hurt plays a surgeon who doesn't care about his patients, he cares about the medicine. Everything changes when he becomes a cancer patient and has to deal with people just like himself.


Something that some healthcare professionals seem to lose touch with over the years is their sense of empathy.

Having the ability to relate to your patients and touch base with them on their concerns is key to running a successful and reputable medical facility. We can all relate to the experience we’ve had with that one doctor that just made us feel guilty for taking up his or her time, avoided eye contact, and seemed to rush in and out of the room before quickly handing over a bill for you.

While it's unfortunate, you can use these negative experiences to build your practice into something great.

  • Focus on your personal skills and bedside manner with your patients.
  • Think of how you would like to be treated as a patient, and make it happen for yours.
  • Remember what you got into the medical field to do: help people.

When you take a moment to slow down and speak to your patients one-on-one with an empathetic mindset, you will be surprised at the connections made and immediate gratitude you will receive.

You might not be as overtly unsympathetic as Jack McKee, but, in the rush to see patients and fill out paperwork, sometimes the humans get left behind.

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