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Learning from Your Staff

Posted by Brian Schmitz on Oct 26, 2017 1:19:30 AM

Your employees can be a fantastic source of information on how to improve your business and the way it is presented to patients. In most cases, nurses and other medical staff spend a bit more time with the patients and have a better chance of engaging in small talk and learning more medical-appointment-doctor-healthcare-40568.jpegabout them than the doctors do.

You’ll find that your team members hold valuable tips for you that will help immensely in your quest to improve patient satisfaction and experience.

Simply making the effort to learn about your patients a bit past what you read in their chart can help your patients develop a more personal relationship with you, therefore making their experience that much more pleasant.

Unfortunately, most people have a negative image that comes to mind when they think of doctors, whether it be from a past experience or otherwise. People tend to imagine that their doctor will be cold, indifferent, and judgemental.

It is up to you to break the stigma and show your patients that you truly do care about them and their opinion.

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