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Clinect: Using Technology to Improve the PX

Posted by Brian Schmitz on Nov 6, 2017 6:00:00 AM

For medical professionals who wish to improve their business’ patient experience (PX), there is a company that offers innovative and constructive options to do so.

Clinect is a healthcare company that is fully committed to helping healthcare professionals understand the patient satisfaction and experience levels of their business. It's a company that understands the value of word-of-mouth and personal experience.

Through Clinect, you will be able to learn how to evaluate and work with the feedback you receive from the patients who patronize your medical facility to improve both day-to-day operations and the overall work ethic of your office.

Medical patient survey and patient satisfaction

The Clinect Patient Survey allows healthcare professionals to retrieve detailed recollections and personal experience, and offers assistance in using these reports to move forward in improving the business.

Clinect is a survey-based analytic company, and is a strong advocate of medical businesses and professionals that listen to their patients and act on the data they collect. Clinect is also dedicated to assisting those who have yet to learn how this is done in the most effective way.

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