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Cleanliness is the Key to Medical Success

Posted by Brian Schmitz on Nov 2, 2017 7:30:00 AM

When visiting a public facility, specifically medical facilities, there is a certain level of cleanliness and order that is expected and should be presented to patrons.

cleanliness in medical facilities

Examine your office and try to determine if it meets those expectations.

For instance, how does the waiting room look? The waiting room is a patient’s first impression of the office. This room should be clean, fresh, and well-decorated. Make sure that the chairs available to patrons are comfortable and clean, and that there is little room for scrutiny on the cleanliness.

Next, consider how the private operatories and rooms in the back of the office looks. How are the rooms cleaned and reset for the next patient? Ensure that it is clear to anyone who enters the room that it was thoroughly cleaned prior to their entry.

Make sure that your team is fully briefed and completely knowledgeable about sanitation standards, and that they each fully understand the importance of keeping the office as clean as possible, not only to pass inspections and stay up to code, but to also upkeep a morale standard between you and your team. This is especially true of non-medical support staff, including janitorial and food services.

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